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Change The World


TAIZEN Co., Ltd. has aimed and will aim at to make "TAIZEN" a worldwide Brand.

Think of 乧


Technical Innovation

乬To the world is a keyword when we think of our development and expansion in te coming 21st century.
TAIZEN Co., Ltd. has tried to make overseas expansion since more than ten years ago.
It is high time for us to make a new start toward a next stage.
Since the establishment, especially since 1985 when the company name was changed to 乬TAIZEN Co., LTD.乭, we had done our business under the slogan of 乬Low Cost, High Quality and High Efficiency乭.
Now the 21st century is just around the corner.
The word 乬globalization乭 has implied 乬local to overseas corporation.
However, the 21st century demands us new overseas strategy and new concept of globalization.
We believe that multilateral developments and global communication and network are important in the coming generation.
The highly advanced technology has created 乬TAIZEN Series乭 and other equipment foe the next generation.

TAIZEN乫s History is consists of the establishment of the technical foundation and the challenges to the unknown world.
We have made the most use of our rich technology and know-how to satisfy needs of the times and tried to realize the newest
R&D technology, the newest production technology and the highest quality.

Now, we look toward our future.
In the 21st century, TAIZEN will play an important role in the paper industry.
We have to pay our attention to the productivity and maneuverability of the machines as well as the global environment.
It well take time to satisfy all of them. Until then, TAIZEN will concentrate our efforts in developing such machines.

We have to be courageous enough to discuss our future, because wa have to put our vision into words.
We take the responsibility for the society by expressing our idea.
We give our mind seriously to what TAIZEN can do for the society.
TAIZEN have deliberated on what we can do for the environmental problem, recycling, and for the earth.The larger the responsibility we have to bear, the more significant our efforts will become.

As we are supporting each other, companies are also challenging to realize bigger dreams in cooperating each other.
We, TAIZEN will develop and fabricate paper machines based on the recycling and the conservation of the natural resources.

TAIZEN Technical R&D Lab. Inc. is Each to testing machines for a series of TAIZEN devices provided in this laboratory, can make tests and analyses for various paper material processes.
We shall be happy if this laboratory will act us a special company for research, development and trial perts manufacture for further technical innovation in paper manufacturing.